It’s time for a refresh!

We are still the same Eurogene, we just have a new look and feel. We are proud that we use our knowledge and expertise to work with innovative farmers like you. Our common goal is to produce genetic-driven higher quality milk and beef. We are helping you improve the profitability of your herd, through our tailored genetic solutions, by targeting traits that increacse revenue or traits that reduce expenses.

We are….

Expertise – we are saving you time & money through our trusted genetic research which gives rise to an improved herd

Reliable/Experienced – we are providing proven results in beef & dairy genetics gained through valuable sectoral knowledge & expertise of our team

Local – we are partnering with innovative, genetic-driven farmers, like you, across Ireland providing you with tailored solutions to help improve your herd

Evolving – we are constantly exploring new advances in bovine genetics to find more efficient, future proofed sustainable solutions

Personable – we are aware that you are under increasing time pressure – so why not let us work for you

Innovative – we are improving the profitability & sustainability of your herd by targeting desirable genetic traits and introducing new technologies

Professional – we are combining our genetic expertise, reproductive management and a deep understanding of cattle breeding

Quality & Sustainability – we are ensuring, through optimal bovine genetics that your herd produces higher-quality milk and meat in a sustainable way

We are… Eurogene

Eurogene. Connecting expertise with innovation driving results